Monday, December 10, 2012

12 in 12!

I am linking up with the 12 in 12 Linky Party hosted by Miss Kindergarten and A Teeny Tiny Teacher.

12. Favorite Movie: The Amazing Spider Man- I was skeptical about this movie because I loved the Toby Maguire trilogy, but I actually LOVED it.  There was great action, humor, romance, and some fun awkwardness.  

11. Favorite TV Series: Revolution- As a fan of Lost, I was naturally excited for the new JJ Abrams show.  I was not disappointed.  The plot is very intriguing and there is plenty of action, but not all fist fights.

10. Favorite Restaurant: Coda Kitchen- This place has a really unique menu of sophisticated, but not over-priced food.  I've loved everything I've tried there. 

9. Favorite New Thing You Tried: Hip Hop Dancing-  I know I am a white girl with no rhythm, but I have ALWAYS wanted to learn to dance, especially hip hop.  I finally got up the courage to sign up for a class this year, and I LOVE it.  It's a great workout, and even though it might take me a bit to catch on to the moves, I am not a total failure.  

8. Favorite Gift You Got: New TV- My boyfriend thought my old TV was an abomination (it had been my grandmother's), so he surprised me with a brand new one, which is much better.  I no longer have to pretend that there are not red and green stripes across the top and bottom of the screen.  Thanks Josh!

7. Favorite Thing You Pinned: Oreo Chocolate Cake- This is a tough one to answer because I have pinned so many awesome things.  This cake takes the cake (hehe) because it was so much fun to make with Josh and his family loved it when we brought it for Thanksgiving.  It is SO rich and amazing.

6. Favorite Blog Post: No David! I'm a Peacemaker- Although I haven't actually tried this with my class yet, I plan to ASAP because I think it is such a cute and practical idea.  Thanks to Mrs. Carroll at First Grade Parade.

5. Best Accomplishment: Completing my first year of teaching- I made it!  After a whirlwind move to New Jersey and a crazy first few weeks of school, I settled in to the routine of teaching and made it out of my first year feeling good.  I give God all the glory for blessing me with a great first year.

4. Favorite Picture: Me and My Boyfriend- This was my first picture with Josh. 

3. Favorite Memory: Thanksgiving Break- I spent the break with Josh and his family and had a great time bonding with his sister, making yummy food, and just enjoying the holiday.
2. Goal for 2013: Rely on God- My goal is to depend more and more on God each day.  I want/need to rely on His strength alone.  He has more than enough peace and joy and patience for me, if only I ask Him for it.  I want to stop being so perfectionistic on my own, and rather surrender to God's will and to care most about what He thinks of me, rather than worrying so much about other's opinions.

1. One Little Word: Balance- I want/need to find balance in my life with God's help.  This has been a great year of new friends and new adventures with Compassion and other things, but it is also a tougher year of teaching and I need to find a way to balance all the good things.  I hope to spend more time being still before God in the midst of the business of life.

Here's to a great end of the year and a happy 2013!!


  1. What a wonderful post! It's such a great way to get to know the blogger behind the blog. I can't wait to do it and link up too! :)

  2. I found you through the 12 in 12 linky party. This first year of teaching is always the hardest!

    I am your newest follower! If you have time, come check out my blog.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  3. Thank you for linking up!
    I have to try that chocolate oreo cake -- oh my word! My mouth is watering!
    Congrats on completing your first year of teaching. That's HUGE. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. You definitely should try that cake, it is incredible.