Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Break Highlights and TpT Purchases

It's hard for me to believe, but break is coming to an end.  I know it's not over quite yet, but I am leaving Ohio tomorrow to spend New Years in PA with Josh's family, so I kind of feel like the end is drawing near.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like break is never long enough?  I always come home with so many projects and ideas of things I want to do, but never seem to get them all accomplished.  It was especially hard to get stuff done this break because I was in a Benadryl-induce stupor for the first few days and then I just didn't have my full energy to do much due to the mono.  I still got a lot done and had a great time with my family and friends.

Here are some highlights:

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies have always been a big deal in my family.  My mom and I usually work together to make TONS of different delicious varieties.  We are always amazed at how many we have once we make them, but we can't leave out any of the traditional favorites.  There is no chance that we will exclude these traditional molasses gingerbread cut-outs.  They are a family tradition that goes back several generations.  Decorating them is a very important part of Christmas.  Christmas isn't Christmas until the cookies are covered in crazy-colored sugary goodness!  The cookies are a tradition, but the decorations are definitely not traditional.  :-)
A tray ready to be devoured on Christmas eve
Christmas- Stockings, Breakfast, and Gifts
The order of events Christmas morning is also a very important part of my family's holiday.  We always wake up, open stockings, have a big breakfast, and then spend several hours opening the gifts under the tree.

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping
This Christmas break I got to have an extra special time with one of my best and oldest friends.  We went bridesmaid dress shopping!  She's getting married next October and asked me to be a part of her special day, so break was the time to get dresses!  The dress shopping entourage included the bride, the mother of the bride, the future mother-in-law, and all 5 bridesmaids.  That could have been a recipe for drama worthy of an episode of Say Yes to the Dress.  However, we shocked the David's Bridal consultant by all agreeing and loving the first dress we tried on!  We even all picked out shoes we loved!  It was a total success.  I don't know if she wants me to reveal her dresses or not, so I will just show the samples and her bouquet to give you an idea.

TpT Purchases!!
A natural part of being more involved in the blogging world is being more involved in the TpT world.  I have always taken advantage of the free downloads, but am now realizing how many great products there are available for really affordable prices, especially when the sellers are having after Christmas sales!

Here's what I purchased today:

From Sheree Peterson from Peterson's Pad:

I am really excited to use all of these great new products in my classroom!

I promise to start putting up more things of my own creation once I get back to school and am not spontaneously falling asleep every day!

One last thing, Romelyn is still in need of a loving sponsor.  Her packet expires January 11th, which means she will be put back in the pool of all the children in need of sponsorship.  Please contact me before then if you are interested in changing her life.  What a great Christmas/New Years gift it would be for you and for her!

For more info, check out my previous post: Meet Romelyn

Wishing everyone an enjoyable last few days of break and a great New Year!

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