Friday, December 7, 2012

Classroom Tour and Introduction

So, I know it's midyear, but I since I am just starting out in the blogging world, I thought it would be a good idea to give a tour of my classroom and some details about my class this year.

Rather than explain everything about my room, I will just give a "picture walk."  :-)

White board.  It looks bare here, but it usually ends up covered in anchor charts and signs.
View from the doorway
Back area
Easel and the EVIL, AWFUL, TERRIBLE, About-to-fall-apart mailbox

Math Word Wall.  Pick up the cards FREE at Teachers Pay Teachers!!
Calendar Time Board
The genre area of my library.  It has grown exponentially since last year.
Book Return and leveled library.  Baskets are labeled with DRA and GRL's  e.g. A-1
Classroom library signs.  Pick up FREE Five Finger Rule Posters
"I Pick" Sign from Our Cool School
Teacher Resources
Re-organized supply cabinet
Awesome closet shelving full of math manipulatives and supplies.
Although my classroom is still a work in progress, I feel much better about the arrangement and decor than last year.  It was great to be able to come in before school started and just organize and rearrange a few thins, rather than having to set everything up from scratch.  Last year's set up was especially stressful because I had just moved 8.5 hours away from home and had only 2 weeks to turn a blank-walled empty classroom into an inviting and organized first grade classroom!

Needless to say, it was refreshing to be able to go in for only a couple hours a day this year in the weeks before school, rather than spending every waking moment possible frantically putting up bulletin boards and stocking cabinets.  Plus, I was super excited that my room got tile over the summer!!  The glorious, clean, beautiful, smooth tile replaced the NASTY, dirty, rolled, mildewy carpet that I had last year.  It was a wonderful improvement.

The main thing I don't like about my classroom is that I have limited wall space, and the space that I do have is ALL cinder block.  That means when the humidity changes even a little bit, everything falls off!

With liberal amounts of poster tack, most things stay okay.  However, I discovered through my mentor last year that Velcro is the way to go for permanent things.

Teacher Tip:  Do not be frugal when it comes to buying a mailbox.  I opted for the cheap paperboard, instead of the expensive wood, and I totally regret it.  About 5 minutes after being assembled, the shelves start coming apart when it was moved.  Then, when I set it up in the classroom, the back "board" came off.  Right now, it is barely holding together.  It actually sways when the students use it.  I am hoping to get a new one soon.  This time, I will just cough up the money to get a wood one.

Well, I think that tour was thorough enough.  Time to go fold laundry. :-)

Also, in case you missed the Freebie, here it is again. Five Finger Rule Posters

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