Monday, December 10, 2012

December Bulletin Boards

Happy Monday Everyone!

I am home sick today because I have a cold that refuses to quit.  I really should buy stock in Kleenex because I am going through them like it's my job.

The up-side to being home is that I can rest, lesson plan, and BLOG!!

I thought I would share some of my December Bulletin Boards with you today.

We Are Sweet on Place Value!!

This idea came from The Mailbox December/January 2011-2012 First Grade.  I absolutely LOVE Mailbox's magazines, books, and resources.  I have SO much of their stuff and I use it regularly.  

When I saw this bulletin board, I couldn't resist trying it.  It looked like such a cute idea and it turned out great!  If you are a Mailbox subscriber you should be able to get the house and candy templates here.  

I just gave the kids each a brown die cut square and a brown die cut triangle, which conveniently fit right in with our math unit on plane shapes.  I had pre-written the numbers on the roofs of the houses in black marker.  I chose numbers between 10 and 50.

The kids had to color the number of tens (peppermint sticks) and ones (gum drops) they needed.  Then, they glued them down and were free to decorate their houses, which they LOVED doing.  They were all super engaged, worked really hard, and got very creative by adding Santa's, chimney's etc.  I was very happy with their work effort and the results.

For the letters, I used pink die cuts this year, but I am not sure if I like the pink with the red and green or not, so I made a sign.  

We Can Light the World with Kindness!

I got this idea from a discussion on  I chose two writing paper templates, one with a menorah and one with Christmas lights.  If you have students that celebrate Kwanza, you could have one with a kinara.  
Have Fun Teaching (I had to add the lines)
I had the students write about ways to be kind to people.  It was a great way to facilitate a needed conversation about using kind words and being nice to others.  I added a string of die cut Christmas lights for some extra color and holiday cheer.

Needs Vs. Wants Presents

This board fit with our social studies unit and the holiday season.  As a class, we discussed the difference between needs and wants, and brainstormed some examples.  Then, I divided the class into two groups: Needs and Wants.  The students chose die cut package, bows, and gift tags, and then drew a picture and labeled either a need or a want on their packages.  Plus, the kids started to think differently about their holiday wish lists when they realized that they did not really need Legos and American Girl Dolls.

If you don't have access to die cuts, you could use a present coloring page like the one below from Super Coloring.

So, those are my boards.  I hope that they bring you some holiday cheer!


  1. I'm at home sick too:((. I love your gingerbread place value houses. I just pinned them! Get better soon.

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