Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sandy Relief

Happy December!

I can't believe how fast November flew by.  Now, it's December and the Christmas season is in full swing!  I am super excited for the holiday festivities.  However, this month is also going to be super busy and stressful at school.  My class has to perform a skit on Respect for the monthly Character Education Assembly (more on that later), I have an observation coming up, writing benchmarks are this week etc.  I know it will all get done, but right now I am feeling the pressure.

Thankfully, I have some super awesome social events and weekend outings planned to help balance out the school stress.  In fact, this weekend was quite awesome and productive.

On Saturday, my boyfriend, Josh, and I met up with a group from my church to go to Staten Island to help out victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Our area was hit hard by the storm, but has mostly recovered by now.  That is not that case with Staten Island.  Many people's homes were flooded and have to be torn down and re-built.  People are living in shelters and in need of supplies.  It's rough.

To help out, my church partnered with The Gateway Church on Staten Island.  Our group of volunteers split off into a demolition crew and a warehouse crew.  Although the idea of swing a sledge hammer around did sound somewhat appealing, I opted to work in the warehouse.

Josh and I spent 6 hours sorting and organizing the baby supplies including diapers, pull-ups, and TONS of baby wipes.  
Me buried in diapers!
I felt very proud of how well we got everything organized and labeled by size and type.  I think it's the teacher in me that makes me love organizing and straightening things in an almost OCD-like way.  :-)

Once the Mount O'Diapers and Baby Wipes was organized, we dug through clothing to find items requested by a family staying in a shelter.  I discovered that I do not understand children's sizes at all!  What in the world does 3T-4T mean?  Why are super small shoes size 10, but bigger shoes size 3?  

At the very end of the day, we had the opportunity to deliver three orders to families living further down the island, right near the ocean.  It was interesting and sad to see the condition of the houses, but great to realize that we were helping make a small difference.  The people were very grateful to receive the supplies.

My car loaded up with boxes of supplies to deliver.

Overall, despite feeling lousy due to a bad cold, I had a great time volunteering.  I think it is so cool how God uses acts of service to bless the needy and the volunteers themselves. 

Speaking of serving the needy, stay tuned for a post on the Compassion Christmas Gift catalog.

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