Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Shout Outs!

Good morning everyone!

I am super excited to be joining up with Growing Firsties and Teacher to the Core for the February Shout Out linky party.  I really wanted to join last month, but I hadn't found any blogs with less followers than me!  Now, that I have gained a few followers and found some other new blogs, I feel ready to join in the fun.

The rules are that you have to give a Shout Out to an inspirational blogger who has less followers than you and one to a blogger who has more than you.

For my blogger who has more followers than me, I would love to give a Shout Out to Michele from The Lightbulb Lab.  
The Teacher Wife

Michele has taught for ten years, with six of them being in first grade.  Her blog is super cute.  I love her slogan, which is "Bright ideas to help all learners be successful, feel challenged, and have fun!"  What a great way to summarize the mission of all teachers!

Michele's posts always make me smile and I learn lots of great new ideas.  She has some great ideas for guided reading.  You can read about them here.  Also, her 100 day projects turned out awesome.  
From The Lightbulb Lab
Michele also has a TpT store with some great items for a variety of grades and subject areas.

My next Shout Out is to Dynamic Duo 1 and 2, a blog with less followers than me, although I am sure that won't be true for long.  

As the title suggests, Dynamic Duo is written by a dynamic duo: Emily and Lauren.  I love Emily and Lauren's idea of collaborating on a first and second grade blog.  Plus, their page is one of the cutest ones I've seen.  

Dynamic Duo
Emily and Lauren have some great ideas and TpT resources.  I love their FREE guided reading planning sheets.  They also have a cute Valentine's Day activity pack.  

Dynamic Duo
The final reason that Lauren and Emily are so cool is because they are from Ohio, one of my "home states."  I never thought I would be so proud to be from Ohio, but when you are out in New Jersey and no one knows quite where Ohio is, you have to represent.  Midwest all the way!  :-)

Well, those are my shout outs.  You should all definitely stop by both blogs to meet some cool people and to get some great ideas.  Just click on their buttons above.

Also, be sure to click on the Shout Out button at the top to link up your own shout outs.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. I was the same way last month! I couldn't find anyone with less followers either. I gave a shout-out to "Dynamic Duo" as well this month :) Glad I found your blog!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

    1. Haha, that's funny. I'm glad you stopped by too. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Thanks for the Shout Out Becky! Since we met through blogging a few weeks ago, your friendship has meant alot to me. Both of us are newbie bloggers and it's nice to know someone who's in the same boat you are while you're sailing the uncharted waters of blogging. I'll be by to visit again soon!

    Love ya girl!
    The Lightbulb Lab

    1. I am so glad we met too. It's been great to start out this adventure of blogging with some supportive new friends. Your comments and encouragement mean a lot to me. Thanks for stopping by again.

  3. SOOO glad you linked up, Becky!!! Love your shout outs! Michele is a sweetheart! :) I started following Dynamic Duo recently, too.
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  4. Definitely Midwest all the way! :) Thanks for the great shout outs, heading over to explore now!

    Fun in PreK-1