Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Wanna Pencil Sharpener!!!

I don't wanna iguana.

I don't want a new room.

I wanna new pencil sharpener!!

Since entering the blogging world, I have discovered my dream pencil sharpener.  It seems like everywhere I turn, I see giveaways and reviews of the Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener.

From everything I've seen, it looks AMAZING!!!!  I see sharp, pointy pencils and hear that it is super quiet and kid-friendly.

Each time I enter a giveaway, I get anxiously excited that this time I might finally win one.

Each time I don't, I get closer and closer to just buying one for myself.

But I'm not there yet.  I have entered three new giveaways and am sharing them with you all.  I figure, if I don't win, than maybe I might as well help out some of my readers.  :-)

Mrs. Leeby from Learning with Mrs. Leeby is offering a chance to win a sharpener or a Target gift card.  Click the button to head over and enter.

Live, Laugh, I Love Kindergarten is having a giveaway for one too.  Click the picture below to head over and enter.

Last, but certainly not least, Kelly from First Grade Fairytales is giving a pencil sharpener and some other awesome prizes away in her 300 follower giveaway.  Click the button to find out more.

I hope I win one, both, or all (muhahaha) of these awesome giveaways, but if not, congrats to whoever does.  I might have to sneak over to your classrooms to try out your awesome sharpeners.  :-)


  1. I'm giving one of these away right now, too...so head on over & enter to win! :) Also, so excited to find your blog & be your newest follower . I'm a first grade teacher, too & it's truly the BEST grade :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. I am definitely going to go enter.

      Thanks for following. First grade totally is the best!