Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday: Book Share and A Hall Pass

Oh Tuesdays.  They aren't Mondays, but they are always my longest day because of pointless, boring, tedious, informative after school meetings.

Today's meeting was actually important, but in a sad and scary way because it was a training session for Active Shooter Drills.  We had a police officer come to visit to tell us about some of the new protocols including that our administrators now have to actually say, "active shooter" for the drills, rather than just "Code Red."  Apparently, the police and the district are mandating the use of plain English for clarity.

Personally, I cannot understand why that language is necessary.  As a teacher in a K-2 school, I hate to think of how all the little ones are going to react when they hear that announcement over the loudspeaker.  In fact, I don't think I am going to handle it very well myself, especially since the word "drill" is totally forbidden.

The most unfortunate thing is that we have to have these drills at all.  It is sad to realize how many incidents there have been in the last few years and how they have continually escalated.  I wish that our children could stay innocent and not have to worry about such scary things, but I guess if being prepared can save lives, it's worth it.

Anyways, on to a happier topic...FAVORITE BOOKS!!!!  I LOVE children's books.  What teacher doesn't?

Therefore, I am excited to be linking up with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for her Show and Tell Tuesday on Favorite Books.

Asking me to choose my favorite read alouds is like asking me to choose my favorite song or my favorite food.  There are just some things that can't be narrowed down to one or two choices.  So, here are some of my absolute favorites.  You might notice that many of them are Caldecott books.  That may have something to do with the fact that my senior thesis was called, "The Appeal of Caldecott Award Winning Books and Their Importance in the Classroom."  :-)

This is a beautifully illustrated book about an adventurous young girl in France.  The students can really connect to Mirette's emotions and they love the colorful artwork.  
All of David Wiesner's books are fantastic!  They are wordless picture books that are so creative and interesting.  They allow for the students to be creative and imaginative in ways that no other books can.

My students go CRAZY for this book.  It cracks them up!  The whole story is about a pig who is trying to write a book, but can't because you, the reader are interrupting him.  I use it to introduce writing workshop at the beginning of the year.  I like to get really animated when reading it to make it extra fun!

I love pretty much all Kevin Henkes books.  His characters are so cute and the stories are great for discussing character traits and for teaching reading and writing.

I use this book to teach predicting.  Read more about it here.

I read one chapter of a Dessert book every day after lunch for "dessert."  The kids LOVE hearing about Dessert's crazy adventures.  The books are also good for practicing predicting, visualizing, and connecting.

Well, those are some of my favorites.  I could list so many more, but I want to stop there, so I can give you a Hall Pass.  Reagan from Tunstall Times is hosting this unique linky.

Product- Right now, two of my favorite products are Word Family Picnic from Joy in the Journey.

If you would like to get both of these products for FREE and help out Ethiopian children, visit my One Meal, One Day Post now!

Area- My favorite area in my classroom is my Calendar board and carpet area.  It is the place where we start our day and where the kids learn to use math in many real life ways.  It is also the place where we do some of the best learning in all subject areas.  I love having my students close together and ready for collaborative learning.

Signal- Give Me Five!  It's a simple signal that requires kids to not only look, but respond with the action of holding up their hand to give me five.  

Sanity- I keep myself sane by praying continually throughout the day.  Also, I make a point of stopping to eat lunch in Teachers' Lounge for at least 15 minutes or so.  It's good to get out of the classroom to take the time to socialize with my colleagues, even though we usually end up discussing school stuff.

How do you stay sane?  What are some of your favorite books?  Click on the buttons above to link up and join the fun.

Also, before you go, take a minute to find out how you can get SEVEN great products just for donating to a good cause.  Thanks in advance for your generosity!


  1. Thanks so much for linking up! I love Denise too! She's AWESOME! Your rug and calendar area is HUGE! Wow!

    1. Thanks for hosting the fun linky. I do love how big my rug area is. It's nice to have a lot of space to work with.

  2. I totally agree with you! Eating lunch in the Teacher's Lounge is a great way to stay sane! If I stay in my classroom all day I loose it :)

    Your calendar wall looks super cute! I'm happy to be your newest follower. Can't wait to see more ideas from you.

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade

    1. Thanks for following and commenting! I am heading off to check out your blog now :-)

  3. I had forgotten about Mirette on the High Wire - I'll have to find that and read it to my class. And Do Not Open This Book looks like a fun one - I'll have to add that to my wish list. And Kevin Henkes - I like all his books. Nice List! Sara

    1. I do love Mirette! I'm glad I could remind you of it. Also, you definitely should check out Do Not Open This Book! I can't remember where I got it, but I'm glad I have it cause it's so fun.

  4. What great books! I found some new ones i don't own! Thanks for sharing! The "drill" you are having is scary!! We still say Code Red. Sad for your babies! I agree about the teacher's lounge. I like to socialize with my team too!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

    1. Yay! I am glad you found some new books to check out. I love discovering new books or old books or any books at all!

      I do feel sad for my kids. It is going to be an adjustment for them and for us as teachers. I just hope that the drills are just drills and that they do help us in case their ever is a terrible situation.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. I love books, I can never have enough! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome ideas. I really love your calendar area, it is adorable! Thanks for stopping by and joining my little flash giveaway :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment and for hosting the giveaway. I am so happy I won!

  6. I really like your calendar area. Mine is too cluttered and I think yours is well organized and calming.I need to take your lead. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for commenting and for the nice compliment. I have always worried that my calendar board is too busy. I like it, but I wonder what other people and the kids think. It's nice to hear that other teachers like it as much as I do. :-)