Friday, June 7, 2013

A Fun and Full Four for Friday!

Happy Friday!   

Another week done.  2 more (+2 days) to go.  

This week was a busy and fun one.  I'm excited to share about it on Five for Friday, Doodle Bug's awesome linky party.  However, since the week was full and I have so many pictures to share, I am sparing you from reading the world's longest blog post by only sharing four highlights.


ABC Countdown

Our ABC Countdown continues to be tons of fun.  It's really helping both the kids and me to keep energized enough to make it to the end of the year.  This week we had Joke Day, Kindness Day, Lollipop Day, Monochromatic Day, and New Name Day.  Lollipop Day and New Name Day were definitely the highlights.

For new name day, here are some of the ones my kiddos chose to go by: Kevin, Vie, Sofia, Lilly, Emily, Roxy, Sally, Lone Ranger, Crash, and Dr. Inferno.  The boys definitely won the creativity award.  :-)

Inferring and Author's Purpose
As I mentioned in my Must Read Mentor Text post, my kiddos were learning how to infer this week.  To start off, the kids met a new reading friend...

Side Note: Beanie Baby Reading Strategies are the BEST!  Google them now if you've never heard of them.  The kids love the cute animal friends.  I love how useful the strategies are.  Plus, they are a great use of the ridiculous amount of Beanie Babies my siblings and I collected hoping to be millionaires one day.  Obviously that didn't work out.  Hehe.

Now back to inferring.  After the kids met Iggy, we practiced inferring feelings with Oliver Button is a Sissy.  Read about that here.  Then, later in the week, I taught the kiddos to infer the message/lesson of stories and other things.  All along the way, we used our hands to represent our thinking.  Again, read more about that in my previous post.  I am trying not to be redundant. :-)

During the Daily 5, the kids got to enjoy some fun inferring centers.  I found some awesome free ones from Have Fun Teaching.

Later in the week, we talked about Author's Purpose using these cute PIE posters from Cindy at Mrs. Gilchrist's Class.  Click the picture to go check them out for yourself.

The kiddos discussed the purpose of these books and more.  Then, they read their own book bag books and journaled about whether the author wrote to persuade, inform, or entertain and how they could tell.

They also enjoyed this cute Author's Purpose center from Have Fun Teaching.

After teaching the sound ai during a phonics lesson, I decided that it was time to talk about homophones, since there are many with the long a sound either spelled ai or a-e.  I initially intended to only mention this during the phonics lesson and read Dear Dear, but then I realized just how much fun homophones are!  So... I threw my reading plans out the window and used my prep time to scour TpT and Pinterest for some fun and easy prep activities.

I found a gem.  

My kid's LOVED working on this homophone class book from Jessica Lang.  Click the picture to get it for free from her TpT store.

The students either worked alone or with a buddy to illustrate and write sentences for different homophone pairs.  

Their pages turned out super cute.

Check out that amazing drawing of a plane.  This kid is a serious artist!

A few weeks ago, I introduced the kids to the idea of estimation on letter E-Estimation Day.  They had a blast and I did too.  This week, it was time to actually teach it formally.  

After modelling using ten to estimate, I had the kids practice using various objects (dice, paper clips, cubes etc.).  They spilled out the objects on their white boards, made and circled a group of ten, and then estimated the total using the ten as a reference.  Only after they wrote down their estimation could they count.  Some of them impressed me by making more groups of ten to count.  

I have rarely seen my kids get so excited as they did during this activity!  Even my strugglers who I worked with in a small group were having tons of fun.  They didn't want to stop estimating even when it was time to clean up!

So, that was my awesome week!  Hope you all had a great one!


  1. We also had New Name Day! It was a blast!
    Polka Dot Kinders

  2. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing those great resources!


  3. I love some your countdown ideas!! The Beanie Baby idea is genius.

  4. New Name Day looks like fun! Looks like you had a great week!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  5. You had a busy week! Looks like you learned all kinds of neat things! Inferring lessons are the best. The Author's Purpose posters look great. I always think Author's Purpose is hard to explain; this may just help that!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  6. I love teaching inferring! I especially like using motions or hand gestures to help the students remember things. Thanks for sharing about the hand gestures for inferring.