Saturday, June 8, 2013

Education Makes All The Difference

How many of you became teachers so you could make a difference in the lives of children?

I know that was a main reason I became one and I would bet it was one of your motivations too.

Well, I came across this awesome video today about this adorable little boy named Odupoi who lives in Masai Land in Kenya.  Please take just a few minutes to check it out.  I think you'll find it quite inspiring.  Plus, Odupoi is just so cute to watch and listen to.  He makes it worth the watch.

In a tribal culture fighting to hold on to its roots, but needing to progress to survive in the modern world, Odupoi is a boy on the brink of changing the world.  Through Compassion, he is receiving an education that will help him break the chains of poverty that entrap his people and many others in Kenya.  Yet through it all, Compassion is sensitive to the Masai culture and traditions; not forcing them to change or replacing their traditions, but rather integrating an education into their world.  It's really very cool. 

If you are interested in helping a child in Kenya break out of the cycle of poverty, please consider sponsoring one (or more) through Compassion International.  Here are some of the Kenyan cuties who are waiting for a loving sponsor.  
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4 year-old Biran Kamau Ndiba

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4-year-old Hellen Okisa
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4-year-old Livingstone Zachariah Namale
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4-year-old Wycliff Mutuma
Click the children's pictures to learn more about their unique stories and circumstances and to sign up to sponsor them.  There are many more children from Kenya and other countries in need of loving sponsors.  Visit the Compassion website to find the one you are meant to love.

Also, if you are unable to sponsor, but know of someone who would be able to, please let them know about the amazing opportunity to change a child's life through a loving relationship.

Please visit this post to learn more about sponsorship and/or contact me with any questions:

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