Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday 6/28/13

It's my last Five for Friday of the school year!

From now on, if I link up my five things will be summer-related!  Woo hoo!


Bee Assembly


About a week before school let out, we had an amazingly fun assembly with a local beekeeper.  He came to teach the kids more about bees and how they are not only not scary, but how they are so helpful to us.  He did a fantastic job of engaging the kids through call and response and movement.  In fact, by the end of the assembly, every single first grader was standing up and acting out the jobs of the different bees in a hive.  We had a queen and court, nursemaids, drones, warriors, etc.  All of the kids had a blast!

Then, the fun continued when each class got a chance to visit different bee-themed centers in the gym.  They got to see and feel what the panels (is that what they are called?) in a hive look like before the bees move in, after the comb is built, and after they are filled with honey.  Also, they tasted different kinds of honey, observed bees, experienced what it's like to see with bee's eyes, and learned the difference between bees and wasps.  They even got to make their own bee's wax candles.  It was so cool! 

I might possibly have made mine upside-down.  Oops!

Realistic Fiction Author's Celebration

The students celebrated becoming realistic fiction author's by reading to their parents.  Then, I passed back all of the kids' published writing from the year, so the parents could take it home and celebrate the amazing progress that their child made.

Year-End Party

For Y-Day on our ABC Countdown, my class had a Year-End Party.  There was food, volleyball, soccer, 2-square, the playground etc.  Then, I gave out Candy Bar Awards for the students' gifts and gave a few of my main volunteers these cute gifts.  Read more about their creation by clicking the picture.  

Classroom Clean Up

For the last few days of school, my kids transformed from students to Super-Cleaners/Organizers!  In between working on memory books, writing letters to next year's students, and doing other fun end of the year activities, I recruited my kids to do lots of jobs for me.  They were so eager to help and I was thankful for all the work they got done putting away manipulatives, testing markers, organizing library books, taking down the word wall, and cleaning every surface in the classroom.  When they were finished, I barely had anything left to do before checking out for the summer.  It's always so weird to see the classroom empty and bare.  

God's Blessings

For my 5th item of the week, I cannot help but praise God for His amazing faithfulness and work this week.  Here are some of the things I have been celebrating and praising Him for:
  1. Thanks to God's provision and many people's amazing generosity, I am now fully funded for India!
  2. My Indian visa was approved after having been rejected the first time.
  3. I finished school.
  4. My best friend Emily got engaged!
  5. Jessica and her husband both got jobs!  Read more about that over at Joy in the Journey.
I could go on because God is so good.  I am blessed to be alive and to be forgiven and adopted into His family each and every day.

Hope that you are all experiencing God's great blessings too!  

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