Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tricks of the Trade: Centers Storage and Organization

It's time for another Tricks of the Trade linky.

Now that school is out, I can't promise that I'll always have pictures ready to go, but I'm still happy to share what I do.  If you are in the same boat and don't have pictures to share, Jessica and I would still love to have you link up.

Binder with Sleeves

How many of you love The Mailbox magazine?  I know I do!  It's so chocked full of amazing ideas and colorful resources.  I also can't get enough of the other resource books from The Mailbox.  

As a frantic, first year teacher who was afraid she would not have enough centers materials, I ordered about a million different books from The Mailbox.  While I loved each one of them, I was not sure how to store them.  Finally, I took the time to put everything in a binder with sleeve protectors.  I used sticky notes to tab different subject areas, but plan to put in actual tabs at some point.  Plus, I have so many games that I might need two different binders soon.  Anyways, the point is, I love that I can just flip through to find the different centers I need. 

I keep the center page and any black line masters in the binder rings.  Then, I slide the baggies of cards into the sleeves, so everything is together.

Word Work Organization

This is my current Word Work organization.  I've posted about it before, so I will just give a picture tour.

 Since I have SO many awesome Word Work games and centers and not enough space to put them, I am planning to use my new super colorful and super awesome drawer set to organize them next year.  I plan to label the bins with different types of tasks e.g. Long Vowels, Trick Words etc.  Then, I will rotate materials in and out based on what the students are learning and reviewing.  If you use a drawer set or system anything like this, I would love some tips.This is my Pinspiration for this idea.

Simply Skilled in Second

Math Game Bins

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of my own stuff for this trick, but I will share it anyway.  For math centers, I fill a bin for each leveled group with games and supplies that fit the students needs and abilities.  They may have file folder games, flash cards, card games, spinners, dice etc.  The bins may have some of the same games, but different dice to use with them e.g. 6-sided, 12-sided etc.  I put more challenging games in the high-fliers' bin and more remedial games in the lower students' bin.  The bins are labeled with the names of the students in the group.  When we have math centers, I either teach a new game and have the kids play that or I just have them get their bins right away.  Once the students know how to play a game, it stays in their bins for awhile as an "Oldie but Goodie."  They can access and play these games when they finish playing the new games and/or when they finish their math journal pages.  

So, those are my tricks of the trade.  Link up with the button below to share yours!

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