Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anchor Charts and Goggles

Happy Tuesday!!

I can't believe it's already July 30.  August is right around the corner.  Insane.

I know many of you are getting ready to go back, but I still feel like summer has just begun.  Still, I probably need to start tackling some of those projects I planned to do for next year.  Hmmm....

Before I get started on anything today, I am going to take a minute to link up with First Grade Fabulosity for her first ever linky.  The theme is Anchor Charts, which is awesome because I made a serious effort to create better charts last year and I am always looking for new ideas.  That being said, I really hope a lot of people link up.  My fingers are itching to pin, pin, pin!

Before I go shopping through other people's posts, I am excited to share some of the anchor charts that I've created.  Click the pictures to read the original posts about these charts.

Daily 5






Those are some of my favorites.  Can't wait to see what you've created for your classrooms.

Now it's time for another edition of...

Left My Heart in Hyderabad

Although I originally planned to share all of my day 2 journal, I felt convicted to only share part of it today and to save the rest for tomorrow.  So, here goes...
Day Two: Part 1
This morning I woke up so excited and eager to start the day.  In fact, I was so pumped up, I went out on the balcony and belted out “Good Morning Hyderabad” to the tune of “Good Morning Baltimore.” 
          During devotions we talked about seeing everyone and everything through “Jesus Goggles” because “Jesus just doesn’t see people the same way the rest of us do.”  For example, when he looked at the Pharisees, He saw them for who they truly were: hypocrites.  He called them out for being outwardly pious and religious, but inwardly wicked.  As much as I used to point fingers at the Pharisees, I have learned that I am often just like them without even realizing it.  It’s only when I allow the Holy Spirit to truly examine my heart that my true motivations are revealed and the sinful ones are pruned.
What’s amazing is that Jesus even loved the Pharisees.  Yes, He called them out, but it was because He wanted to cut to their hearts, so that they could recognize how much they needed Him.  He still loves this way today by disciplining His children and guiding them back to Him.  I know I am thankful for this amazing love, cause without it, I would be the chief of Pharisees.
Beyond seeing the Pharisees for who they truly were, Jesus also had a different view of society’s outcasts.  Think about the woman at the well.  Jason Weber states, “She was an outcast, rejected by her own people…even the lowlifes thought she was a lowlife.”  Yet, Jesus saw her and felt compassion for her.  He saw “someone whom everyone else had rejected…someone on in desperate need of a second chance…someone whose heart was ready to respond to the grace offered by the God of the universe.”

Is that what I see when I look at people?  Do I see the way Jesus sees them?

Sometimes.  Maybe.  Not as often as I should.
Thankfully, Jesus does not expect us to be perfect and He is more than willing to give us His goggles, so we can see others and ourselves the way He sees us: broken and sinful, but loved beyond imagination and desperately in need of Him.
  Starting right now, I want to pray even harder for God to give me His eyes each and every day, not only while I am in India, but when I go back home too.

So, that's all I have for today.  I will just leave you with a song...

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  1. I like the idea of Jesus goggles. How true!
    And I enjoyed looking at all your anchor charts. Great ideas there!