Monday, July 1, 2013

Picture Books Galore!!

It's time for some fun with picture books!

Last week, I shared a bit about the book, Betty Lou Blue as part of First Grade and Fabulous's First Week Picture Book Linky.  Since everyone seemed so intrigued by this book, I figured it was the perfect one to share for Collaboration Cuties' Back to School Mentor Text party.

Betty Lou Blue is the cute story of a girl who is made fun of for having excessively big feet.  One day, her classmates get stuck in the snow drifts and need help.  When Betty Lou sees them, she has to decide whether or not to help those who made fun of her.

She ends up making the right choice and rescues everyone by using her big feet to balance on the snow as she pulls them out. 

It's a great story to use during the first week of school because it helps establish the idea that each person is the classroom is special and can contribute to the group, as well as the fact that bullying is not acceptable and hurts people's feelings.  I often use it along with Chrysanthemum, since both books have similar themes.

Now for more picture book fun with DeAnne from First Grade and Fabulous.


I already blogged about both of these books here.

Number Concepts

This book provides a variety concrete examples of what zero is, so that kids can begin to better understand this tricky number.

I LOVE this fun book for teaching even and odd.  The characters Even Steven and Odd Todd are so fun and they totally represent their respective number categories.  There are tons of fun ideas to go along with this book on Pinterest like this one from First Grade Parade.

Even Steven & Odd Todd  Numbers

Various Concepts

Last summer, I discovered these two wonderful books at the Scholastic store.  Both of them are full of fun math riddles using colorful and fun pictures.  I usually read the poem/riddle aloud and let the kids discuss the picture for awhile before sharing how they solved the problem.  I usually end up hearing a variety of different methods because the pictures and riddles are open-ended and allow students to think freely.  I would highly recommend both books.

Hope you found some new ideas for books to use with your kiddos!


  1. I have never seen the book about Betty Lou! It looks so neat! What a great theme!! I will have to check this out!

    I love all of those math books too!
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. What a great list of books. Some of them are totally new to me, I look forward to checking them out!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  3. Thanks for sharing these books! I'm always trying to expand my math picture books...just another way to help kids "get it." On a totally unrelated note, I love that you have information about compassion international on your blog. How did you do that?

    -Amanda @
    Teacher at the Wheel

  4. Betty Lou Blue looks really cute. I will have to look for it! It reminds me of Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon another favorite of mine that I forgot to post about!!

  5. I've never heard of Betty Lou Blue. I'm going to have to check it out! We do lots of character building as a team at the beginning of the year with our fifth graders. This story reminds me of Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun which is also about a student who is teased for being "different" and having the courage to stand up for who you are! Thanks for the new title!

    - Amanda

  6. Becky,

    You came up with a great list of books. :) I love Cara's 'Even Steven Odd Todd' creativity too.

    Read With Me ABC

  7. So glad you shared more about Betty Lou Blue!! This looks like such a great story!! Can't wait to get it! I need to check into When a Line Bends, a Shape Begins. I haven't read it!

    Thanks for linking up with me again! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  8. I will have to add Zero is the Leaves on the Tree to my collection.

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