Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Made It: Behavior Clip Chart

Guess what!  

It's Monday.


I finally have something to share for Monday Made It!!!


I am pretty excited.  I'm sure you couldn't tell.  Hehe.

Last week, I finally kicked it into gear and started working on projects for next year.  One of the things I wanted to make was a behavior clip chart.  You can read more about why I decided to use this system here.

After some serious pinshopping, I came across a fabulous and FREE behavior chart over at Teaching with Love and Laughter.

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To replicate the chart and make it my own, I printed out the signs and then backed them on colored construction paper.

Next, I laminated everything to make it more durable.

Then, I got really "crafty" and hot glued the pages to a thick ribbon.

The final result is....

Personally, I LOVE it.  The colors make me so happy and the kids are so cute.  Plus, the ribbon worked out very well.  I plan to use 3M hooks to hang it in my classroom.  I might put padding on the back to help it stick out far enough to hold the clips.  I will have to test out how that works once I get to my room.

One other cool thing about using ribbon is that it allows me to roll up the hole chart for easy storage!  Win!

I can't wait to set this beauty up in my classroom and to try using it with my kiddos! 

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