Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Little Old Lady and a Letter to Myself

Happy Sunday!

I can't believe a week flew by and I did not even blog once.  I kept meaning to, but just didn't have time.

Before my blog gets covered in cobwebs from lack of use, I want to share a cute mentor text with you for Collaboration Cuties linky party.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything is a cute Halloween tale that is quite popular at my school.  This book tells the story of an old lady who was very brave.  One night, she was walking home and all sorts of things tried to scare her by making creepy noises and following her.  On each page, the author repeats the list of items chasing her by repeating the objects and the noises they make.  This gives students the chance to join in by making the funny sounds like "CLOMP, CLOMP," "SHAKE, SHAKE," and "BOO, BOO."  For older students, these sounds could facilitate a lesson in onomatopoeia. 

As the story continues, the old lady ends up walking faster and faster before eventually running the rest of the way home.  Still, she insists that she is not afraid of anything.  Even when the objects knock on the door and try once more to scare her, the little old lady stays strong and demands that the objects go away.  Then, she gives them a secret suggestion for what to do instead of scaring her.  This point in the story is fun because students can try to guess what the objects will become before.  Once the page is turned, they will see that all of the scary things have turned into a...SCARECROW!!!  

Now, they scare the crows instead of the little old lady.  How cute is that?

Overall, this story is very fun and can be used to teach sequence, character, sound effects, repetition etc.  It could also facilitate discussions about courage and how students do not need to be afraid of made up things etc.  I highly recommend checking it out this Halloween season.  

Before heading out, I want to share with you something cool I had the chance to do today.  I wrote a letter to my childhood self.  It's not something I planned to do, but I had heard of the idea and when I had some free time, I decided to go for it and I felt burdened to share it with you even though I'm scared to.  Here goes...

Dear Becky,

            This is Rebecca.  I am the “mature” adult version of yourself who has to clean the apartment, shop for groceries, pay bills, plan lessons, maintain a social life etc.  There is so much you have to do and so many other things you choose to do.  Life is hectic.  Still, you are blessed. God has given you great friends, a caring family, a wonderful job, the opportunity to serve Him in India, and so much more.  Most importantly though, He has shown you His incredible love. 
            Love.  You are loved.  That is what I want to tell you.  Why?  Because I do not think you know it.  In fact, I know you don’t.  It’s only recently that you have begun to discover that your Heavenly Father is not just a stern father, but a daddy who really does love you.
            Right now, you may wonder why you think you don’t know how much God loves you.  Of course you know.  You go to Sunday School.  You read your Bible.  You pray.  You tell yourself that God loves you and you love Him. 
            Yet, you still carry an ever growing pile of guilt and shame that is slowly sending you down a perilous path of perfectionism and people-pleasing.  The devil is sneakily weaving a web of lies that will soon have you so entangled that you can’t even recognize the truth.  He’s telling you that you are not enough.  Your grades are too low.  Your butt is too big.  Your hair is too wavy.  You fail at talking to boys.  You cannot measure up to your sister.  You are not worthy of your friends.  You ruin everything.  You are unlovable.
            As a result, you will spend the next decade of your life trying to make up for your many shortcomings.  You will convince yourself that you have to be perfect to be loved.  You will crave attention from those you consider better than you and judge others who do not meet your standards.  You will bask in the attention that comes from being skinny, having a 4.0, getting a job etc.  You will do many good things.  You will achieve many goals.  You will try so hard.
It won’t be enough. 

It will never be enough. 

Did you hear that?  It will NEVER be enough!!!  That’s because you are a sinner.  You are a mess.  Despite your many efforts to wash yourself clean, you are still a dirty rag, and you know what, so is everyone else.  Everyone is messed up.  Everyone is broken. 

Everyone is loved.
What?  Loved?  How can that be?
I will tell you.  You are loved because your Heavenly Father created you.  He made you in His own image with the intention of having a relationship with you.  He knows you inside and out.  He knows that you are a mess.  Yet, He loves you.  He loves all of His creation.  He loves everyone.  He loves everyone so much that He did something about that love.  He sent His son, Jesus, the guy you think you know, to die and rise again to take away all that shame and guilt you carry.  He paid the price because you cannot. 
            Now, I know that makes you want to feel even more guilty.  You did not deserve God’s love, so you feel horrified that Jesus had to die for you.  Well, get this…Jesus did NOT die to make you feel guilty. 

He died to set you FREE!!!!
He died, so that you could live an abundant life while covered in His righteousness.  He died so that you don’t have to perfect.  He died so that you can find your identity in Him, not in what other people think of you.  He rose again, so that you can have life.
            So, Becky, I know it’s going to take you years to realize this.  The journey ahead of you is long and unfortunately, this letter can’t really help the childhood you. 
            I’ll tell you what though.  It’s helping you now.  And it can help others too.  Share your story.  Share what God has done for you.  Tell your family, tell your friends, tell the hurting people all over the world.  Tell children.  Tell them before it’s too late and they are stuck where you used to be.  Tell them now.



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  1. What a cute sounding book! I have seen it but I have not read it! I'm so glad you linked it up!

    What a sweet idea to write a letter to yourself! I'm sure you feel vulnerable sharing it here, but I'm glad that you did! Everything you wrote is entirely true! I'm so glad that He died to set me free!!


  2. My daughter loves this book! It would be great for onomatopoeia! I might just have to "steal" it to bring to school. :) I LOVE your letter to your self. Reading it just lifted my spirits. Thank you.
    Fourth Grade Flipper