Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas Break!! 6 for Friday!

Christmas Break is here.  Happiness and Cheer.  Relief for all teachers that falls partway through the year.

Okay, that was lame.

Anyways, I am here.  I am alive.  I am blogging.  Yes, this is happening.

I actually have a ton of things that I am excited to share from this week and the end of last week.  I intended to share some of them last Friday, but I was wiped out with a fever and congestion.  Some bug hit my class and knocked several of my students and me out.

Now that I am feeling better and it is break, I have time to share 6 things!  Hurray!

Positions and Ordinal Numbers

To wrap up our math unit on ordinal numbers and position words, my colleague came up with a highly engaging and meaningful partner activity for the kiddos to do.  She gave them each a set of position words to cut out and a sheet with lines for sentences.  The students worked with partners to come up with a sentence for each word.  They wrote the sentences and glued the position words in place.  Then, they had to act out the sentence.  Talk about engaging!  

I love this activity because it not only gave them practice with position words, but also sentence writing.  My kiddos had to include a naming part and a telling part in their sentences and they needed to use correct capitalization and punctuation.

Word Work

Word Work continues to be a highlight of the Daily 5.  You can read about how I am using Word Work Bookmarks this year and pick up a freebie in this post.  So far they are working out great. 


Teaching visualization is so much fun!  This year I found so many great resources and ideas on blogs that made this week's lessons even stronger and more enjoyable.  For example, I used Mrs. Williamson's idea and read "Green Giant" by Jack Prelutsky.  You can grab a freebie with the poem from her blog.  Here are some of the kid's visualizations.

We also talked about visualizing using all 5 senses using the poem "My Puppy Makes Pizza" by Kenn Nesbitt.  

Everyone else in the restaurant is running away screaming.
Not totally based on the text, but funny.
Social Studies

Since our district social studies unit is always a bit dull, I spiced it up this year with some great free resources.  These cute sorts came from Sheree Peterson.  You should have seen the intense discussion these cards sparked.  Let's just say it would have been a great time for an observation since there was a student-led, higher order thinking discussion going on for quite some time.


My creative and artistic students also enjoyed drawing their own Goods and Services Towns.  One street was for buildings where goods were sold, the other for services.

Mo Willem's Author's Craft

Finally, we have been studying the works of our favorite author friend, Mo Willem's to see what craft techniques he uses.  It's been so fun to see the kiddos trying these special techniques (more to come) in their writing.
Winter Party

I will summarize this in three words: crafts, treats, and...PUKE!!!!

One of my poor boys ate too may sweets and blew chunks all over the floor as I was trying to shove the trash can at him.  It was disgusting and quite unfortunate.  Other than that though, we had a lot of fun.

Making snowflake ornaments
Cute and edible marshmallow snowmen.
My gift to the students:
cup, Hershey Kisses, candy canes, stickers, and a Scholastic Coupon (not pictured).

Well, that's my week.  It was long.  It was busy.  Yet, it was awesome.  Now, it's time to enjoy break.  Ahhhh.....

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. hey nice post mehn. I like your style of writing. The way you writes reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog titled Why Positive Thinking Isn’t Working For You And What To Do .
    keep up the good work.


  2. Your marshmallow snowman looks delicious! Enjoy your holiday and your vacation!

    Sally from Elementary Matters