Friday, January 10, 2014

A Sore 5 for Friday

I write for you today feeling very sore.  My entire body took a beating yesterday at the new Boot Camp class I just started going to.  Class started at 5:45 a.m.  Yes, I dragged myself out of bed that early.

Though my every muscle screamed in protest as I pushed myself to new levels, it was so worth it.  My goal with joining the gym was to push myself beyond my limits and to vary my workouts.  So far, so good.

That was just one "highlight" from my week.  I'm joining Doodlebugs to share some others for 5 for Friday.

Pilot Visit

One of my girl's has a dad who is a pilot.  He came to talk about his job on Wednesday.  The kids went crazy.  They loved looking at pictures of the cockpit controls etc.  Also, each kid got to take home a picture of a 747, a pencil, and their own pilot wings.

Many Moment Stories

We finally reached the point where my writers could begin writing many moment stories instead of being stuck in small moments.  Not that small moments are bad, but we spend months on them and the kids get a bit bored.  Plus, I don't always think it is very easy for kids to focus on one moment no matter how much we practice and plan.  Now, it's time for them to write several moments together, while hopefully still trying out the author's craft techniques they've been learning.

Main Idea

Students began to pick out the main idea and supporting details in stories.  They used Trisha C.'s free thinking maps when practicing during read to someone.  Thanks Tricia!


Once my kiddos had some practice with main idea and details, we moved on to questioning.  I always like teaching students to ask and answer questions cause it really gives me a window into their thinking.  This year, most of my students are already asking thick questions that are based on the book and they are thinking about the answers.  Today when I asked students where they found the answers, they were already telling me, "I found it in the book," or "I thought really hard in my brain."  This was before I even taught/modeled this and showed the anchor chart.  I was impressed.

This year, I used the book, Brave Irene, to during my mini-lesson.  It was a favorite from my childhood and provides ample opportunities for questioning.

Sight Word Bingo

Since our career presenter for today had to cancel last minute, we spent the last bit of school playing Sight Word Bingo.  Of course, my kiddos were ecstatic.  

That was my week.  How was yours?  What books do you use to teach questioning?

Have a great weekend!

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