Friday, February 28, 2014

5 for Friday 2-28-14

February is over!  The month of insanity has come to an end!  Hallelujah!

Grades are done.  Comments are done.  The evil math unit is over.  The holidays have come and gone.

Now, I just have to make it through conferences next week and then I should be able to slow down and breath deeply.   Sigh.

For today's 5 for Friday, I am celebrating the good parts of February!  Though the month is over, I hope you can pin this post for next year.

Black History Month Projects

This project is the highlight of my year.  I love having the kids teach and celebrate famous African Americans.  Here's how the board looked with still a few holes to fill in as kids presented.

If you never got my project freebie last year, click below to grab it today.

Day 100 Dress Up

Wish you could see their faces.  Note the white eyebrows on the girl in pink.  :-)
Anyone who knows me well knows that I jump at any chance to dress up and become a character.  Though I haven't done any official theater work since high school, the thespian in me is alive and well.  This week for Day 100, I embraced my inner old lady, Milly, and spent the day calling my kiddos "whippersnappers!"  Some of them even embraced old age with me and we all had a great day!

Day 100 Snack

For snack, we all munched on 100 tasty treats after counting them by tens using a cute template from Fall into First.

Day 100 Activities

Day 100 got colorful when students filled in 100 grids with their names and colored each letter.  It's always interesting to see the patterns.

My master artists also thoroughly enjoyed hiding 100 inside of pictures.  I picked up the template from Lucky to Be in First.  Also, I don't know for sure what to think about the zombie.  It is gruesome, yet impressive.


The question of the week was: "when's science?," "can we do science?," "I brought in magnets from home for science."  That's because as I just revealed, we were studying magnets all week.  The kiddos had a BLAST doing experiments to learn about what attracts and repels, magnetic poles, the power of magnetic force etc.  You should have heard the collective "WHOA!" that followed me using a magnet to attract another magnet from within a cup of water.  That activity came free from Megan Hurt, see below.  Students were also quite surprised that no coins are not magnetic.  

Magnetic Force Activity Worksheet

Congrats to everyone who made it through February!  Here's to a great March!

P.S.  Go see Son of God!  It premieres tonight and it's going to be great!

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