Sunday, February 23, 2014

President's Day Mentor Texts

It's Sunday.  The weekend is drawing to a close.  Tomorrow is the 100th day of school.  I am quite excited about all the fun I have planned.

Right now though, I want to rewind to President's Day.  This year, it fell during February break and the week after was full of snow days.  Therefore, it was hard to give Washington and Lincoln the attention they deserved.  Fortunately, I had two great books to read aloud.

Tonight I want to share these books with you for Collaboration Cuties mentor text linky.

George Washington's Teeth

This fun rhyming book tells the tale of poor Washington's rotten teeth.  Throughout the book, he gradually loses his teeth as he crosses the Delaware, shivers at Valley Forge, and serves as president.  Then, after the story, there is a detailed timeline with tons of extra information and pictures chronicling George Washington's life and dental history.

George Washington's Teeth is useful for so many reasons.  Besides obviously teaching students about George Washington, it fits perfectly into Dental Health Month.  Also, students can listen for and work with rhyming words and even solve subtraction problems as Washington loses tooth after tooth.

Looking at Lincoln

Looking at Lincoln is a unique look at Lincoln's life through the eyes of an admiring young girl.  This little girl goes to the library to learn about Lincoln.  Through her research she learns about the important accomplishments of this great leader, as well as little tidbits that made him unique.  As she reads, she reflects on Lincoln's honesty and his love of apples.  

Throughout the book, the author uses different fonts to distinguish the facts from the narrator's comments.  Some of what she says are facts, others are opinions/thoughts.

The quirky and colorful pictures are the icing on this peek at Lincoln's life.

Though this year's President's Day is past, I highly recommend checking out these books for the future.

One other thing you can check out in the near future is the premiere of the new Mark Burnett movie, Son of God.  For those of you who need a memory jog, Mark Burnett is the creator of Survivor, The Voice, Shark Tank, The Apprentice, and The Bible.

Son of God is his most recent project, which premieres this Friday. 

Tickets are selling out fast, so you should grab them now while you still can.  I personally am excited to be attending the NYC premiere as a volunteer for Compassion International.  Hope to see you there!

I'll leave you with the Son of God preview.

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  1. I love the story of George Washington's teeth, although many say that it wasn't true about his teeth?? I have no's still a fun story! And, I have never seen this book about Lincoln but I am very excited about it!! I'm so glad you and Rosie shared it!!
    Thanks so much for linking up Becky!
    Collaboration Cuties