Friday, May 23, 2014

5 for Friday Math Center Style

Good Evening!

I write to you with a belly full of Chinese food.  I attended a very nice graduation party for a friend of mine.  There were way too many yummy foods I had to try: shrimp dumplings, beef lo mein, fried rice, spring rolls, and much more.  Yum!

School was chill today.  It was actually supposed to be Field Day, but it got postponed due to rain.  When I found out the festivities were canceled, I had no plans.

What do teachers do when they have no plans?  Centers of course!!!

Actually, it was the perfect time to do centers because we are in a Mental Math unit where I am pushing addition and subtraction fact mastery like crazy.  Parents received a letter and facts practice log sheet, so they can be accountable for practicing with their kids 5-10 minutes a night.  Many of my kids have their facts to ten, but struggle up to 20.  A few still need their fingers for facts to 10, which is only going to make things harder moving into second grade.

For 5 for Friday, I will share the 5 math facts centers, I whipped out today.

Lakeshore Puzzles

To be honest, I don't buy much from Lakeshore, but I can't deny their puzzles are pretty great.  I have some for phonics and math.  This set is their reversible addition and subtraction puzzles.  

Addition and Subtraction Color by Number

Subtraction Flash Cards

They recorded their work on this cute sheet from First Grade Fanatics.

Part-Whole Card Fact Families

Students drew Part-Part-Whole or Number Bond cards and wrote out the fact families.

Fruit Splat

This is a great differentiated game from Sheppard Software.  It has multiple levels as well as timed vs. un-timed versions.

All in all, it was a fun and fact-filled Friday!

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