Friday, May 9, 2014

All Things Friday and Two Freebies

Oh my poor lonely blog.  How I have neglected you over the past few weeks.  Will you ever forgive me?

Actually, taking a blogging break was a necessity due to the many things going on in my life.  I have been very busy and have had a lot of big changes going on in my life.  Some scary.  Some unexpected.  All good because God is good and His plans are better than mine.

Anyways, where should I begin to get caught up?  I am going to share for several linkys, but first, I can't help but share a few pics from my AMAZING, fun, relaxing, refreshing, laid back, sunny spring break in San Diego.

Vena Cava Winery near Ensenada
The beautiful valley and mountains of Valle de Guadalupe
Starting the hike to Potato Chip Rock
Climbing higher.
Potato Chip Rock!!
Gorgeous sunset from Sunset Cliffs
It was such a nice break full of food, fun, epic fails at surfing, major blisters from hiking, and just being sisters.  Seems like a long time ago now....

Back at school, I have been busy with the "It's Almost the End of the Year" tasks.  We start our ABC countdown for the last 26 days on the 19th.

Meanwhile, we've been busy every day.  Here's a look for 5 for Friday.

Teacher Appreciation Week

I felt very appreciated this week as I enjoyed tons of sweet and savory treats provided in teacher's lounge.  I also got some cute notes from my kiddos, which I always love.  Plus, my class captain brought me an orchid on behalf of all the parents.  It's so beautiful.  I hope I don't kill it.


Speaking of plants, we wrapped up our plant unit in science.  Though are seeds are still growing (hopefully), it was time to asses.  Since the actual test was so easy, I told the kids to invent their own flower on the back.  I did a bigger project like that last year, but did not have the time to do it this year.  Still, their drawings turned out pretty crazy and cool.


Persuasive Writing Publishing

Writing partners worked together to edit their persuasive letters using this checklist.  Click the picture to download the freebie for yourself.  I wish I had taken pictures of their persuasive letters.  Some of them were so cute.  

Character Changes

We also wrapped up our character study unit by discussing character changes and they lessons they learned in the story.  I found that my students needed support to connect the events of the story to the changes and the lesson.  They were not using what they knew about the problem and solution to understand how the character reacted.  Therefore, I made up this graphic organizer to help them make the connection.  I modeled how to use it with some Kevin Henkes books and then the class practiced for several days with the No David books, Rainbow Fish etc.  Here are some of the results.

You can grab the graphic organizer for free by clicking the picture below.

Fuel Your Faith Friday

My fifth thing for the week is something that God really used to comfort me this week.  Though I have known these verses for awhile, it is true that the Word is living and active.  It speaks exactly what we need to hear when we need to hear it.

Hold that promise as you finish the year strong.


  1. Wow! your pictures from San Diego are gorgeous! I'm sure you had an amazing time.
    Enjoy the rest of your school year!
    :) Karli

  2. Thank you so much for the character change organizer. You laid it out simply and clearly, so that it is useful for almost any age. And, above all, as always, thank you for your words that honor God.

  3. Potato Chip Rock is the coolest thing ever! I would love to go there! Thank you for sharing the verse. Isn't it wonderful that sometimes we get the exact inspiration we need- even from a fellow teacher's blog! Awesome!

    Teachers Are Terrific!