Monday, April 13, 2015

Where's Your Tom Sawyer Island?

Where is your Tom Sawyer Island?

Where do you go to get perspective?  Where do find peace and open your mind to creativity?


This question stumped me at small group last week.  The girls and I had just read the introduction to Love Does by Bob Goff in which he talks about making his office Tom Sawyer Island in Disneyland.  He describes how this place has become an escape for him.  A place of clarity and potential.

What a beautiful concept. 

Do I have a place like that?

The fact that it did not immediately come to mind indicates that I do not go there often.  That I often fall into the busy routine and don't take time be still and dream.  Yes, inspiration comes.  God speaks.  The small voice whispers in between the cracks in my schedule and the brief moments of silence in the midst of the noise.

I wonder what He would say if He had more time.

After a few moments of contemplation and listening to my friends share, I realized I do have a place or rather a type of place.

High.  Wide.



Nothing offers perspective quite like an expansive horizon and a view from the top.  The rushing cars and crowds of hurried people are far below.  The earth stretches out as far as the eye can see.  Rooftops.  Fields.  Oceans.  Whatever the scenery, it all melts into the distance with the sky spread above.

Peace comes.  He's got this.  There is a bigger picture, a wide view.  Far bigger and wider than any height on earth could ever reveal.  God sees it though. 

Time to slow down.  Breathe deep.  Listen.  Smile.  Remember.

He's got this. 

Where's your Tom Sawyer Island?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Currently

Can it be April already?  How did this happen?

Not that I am complaining.  April is my favorite month.  Spring weather (hopefully), flowers, and my birthday!  Plus, this April, I have my first World Orphans event to look forward to.  I will be going to the Christian Alliance for Orphans conference in Nashville at the end of this month.  So exciting!

Today, I am linking up with Farley's Currently.

I am finishing up the winter season online.  Though I originally loved the characters, they are getting a tad bit annoying and the situations are getting less plausible.  Oh well, guess that's what happens with many TV shows.

My friends and I just formed a World Orphans Rescue Team called Color Me Cambodacious: Running to Rescue Orphans in Cambodia.  We will be racing in a Color Me Rad event and inviting people to sponsor us by donating to World Orphans.  It's going to be so much fun!

I'm heading back to Ohio tomorrow to see my family for Easter.  I can't wait! 
It's finally a beautiful, warm day outside!  I've been inside working at my computer all day, so I'm antsy to get outside.  Time for a walk!
Haven't packed my bag yet for my trip home.  It's only a few days, but I should probably get on that.
EGGS-plain Your Name
My blog name was born from me being a teacher and volunteering with Compassion International.  Now, that I am working for World Orphans, I still consider it an appropriate name since I am encouraging and leading people to raise awareness and funds for orphans around the world.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Colorado and 2 Weeks Notice

Hello!  Long time no blog.  Life has been crazy, but awesome.

Things with my new job at World Orphans are off to a great start.  More on that later.  I've also been busy with teaching children's church, babysitting, leading my small group, working part time , trying to figure out my next housing situation (to move or not to move, that is the question), taking a few salsa lessons, and trying to still get to the gym every day.  




Though I am a high energy achiever and like to have lots going on, I am realizing it is time to make some changes and seek out balance.  Hard to believe that only two months ago I felt aimless and like I had too much free time.  Once one gear starts moving they all do.

That being said, I gave 2 weeks notice to my part time job today.  I have never done that before.  The only other times I have left a job the situation was out of my control or I moved out of state.  It was oddly empowering to decide to leave and then follow through with it.  Of course, I first had to verbally process the situation with my mom, ask advice from friends, and consult WikiHow's page to draft a letter of notice.  Quite helpful.

Now that it is done, I just have two weekends of work left and then I can focus primarily on my awesome job with World Orphans.  So many exciting things are happening!

The "Castle Rock"
Earlier this month, work kicked into high gear after a visit to gorgeous Castle Rock, Colorado.  Though the views outside were incredible, I spent most of my time indoors at the enormous World Orphans headquarters.  Note the sarcasm.  Though the office is small, it is all we need and it is quite comfortable.  It was great to be there and to spend three full days working in person with my supervisor, the Senior Director of Advocacy.  We started on Tuesday with huge to-do lists, but by Thursday everything was finished or set in motion.
World Orphans Headquarters

Our foci included freshening up the Rescue Teams website, revising and creating new online resources for teams, developing a marketing strategy, and preparing for two upcoming events where I will promote Rescue Teams.

Once the new World Orphans website is finished, all the changes to the Rescue Teams page will be made.
Aside from working at the office, I also had a wonderful time meeting the local staff.  On Wednesday night everyone came over with their families for dinner.  The kids had ping pong ball wars all over the basement while the adults chatted.  I felt very welcomed.  It is an honor to be part of the World Orphans family.

After such productive days, I did get to do a bit of sightseeing.  My boss took me down to Colorado Springs to Garden of the Gods.  Incredible.  The pictures can't do it justice.
Ahhhhh....Though I started this post feeling a bit frenzies, those views actually brought me down several levels.  How can you not feel a sense of peace looking at such beauty?

I'm so glad I chose to blog tonight.  :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently Starting My New Job!

February is here!  Hard to believe we are already in the second month of the new year.  Though January seemed to crawl a bit in some ways, it flew in others.

Anyhoo, now it is time for Farley's Currently.  It's a new month in a new year and new, exciting things are happening!  Hope you enjoy!

Being that most of my favorite shows are STILL on winter break and Switched at Birth is not available online without a subscriber, Netflix has been my TV salvation.  I think I posted about watching Gilmore Girls in another Currently.  Well, the obsession is still going.  I'm nearing the end of season 4, but have several more to go after that.  Keep the wit coming!

Tomorrow's my first official day with World Orphans!!!  

The support raising journey went from 0 to 60 in just 5 days this past week.  All month, I was stuck at 78%, only 2% away from starting work.  I kept praying and working hard to bring in the rest of the support, but nothing changed.  Eventually, I realized that God wanted me to let go and to seek His face, not just His hand.  

It was just a few days after I began to slowly let go that God showed up in a way that only He could.  Monday, January 26, was the one year “anniversary” of the Sunday when God confirmed my call to missions in a big way last year, I had a phone conversation with a new employee of World Orphans who has mentored me through the support raising process.  She encouraged me to send some bold reminder e-mails and to claim February 1st as my start date.  

I sent the e-mails and planned to make some calls later that night.  Before I could even make a phone call, I checked my online account and was astounded to discover that an individual whom I barely knew had donated $1,200 at once!  That’s $100 a month and more than I needed to reach 80%.  My breath caught immediately and I frantically calculated that I was now at 81%.  That’s when the weeping and laughing began.

God had provided more than enough through someone unexpected and He did it on a day that meant so much to me.

The story does not end there though.  By Tuesday night, God had provided 84% and I had a start date of February 1st.  I was ecstatic for about 4 hours.  Then, I got very sick.

For these last four days of the month, I was stuck in bed barely eating and drinking.  Even though I was not doing any support raising work, God kept bringing in new supporters.  By Friday, He had provided 88%.  That's a jump of 10% in under 5 days.  Amazing.

Long story, I know, but I just have to give God the glory.  Now, I cannot wait to begin the adventure of starting full time work with World Orphans, an incredible organization dedicated to empowering the local church to care for orphans within families.


Excited.  Nervous.  Enough said.


SNOW!!!  Last week's blizzard was a major disappointment.  6 inches does not equal 2 feet!  Grr.  I'm hoping the storm we get tonight is a good one and keep the world looking wintry for awhile.

New job = New paperwork.  Since I do not live near the main office of World Orphans, I have to visit a notary to get my I-9 form done.  Unfortunately, my bank only notarizes official bank documents.  That means I have to find someone/somewhere else, preferably free.  Any ideas where to go?

Pageant Title

Miss Child At Heart
Aside from the fact that everyone thinks I look super young, I like to wear bright colors, act goofy, and just be a kid.  :-)

Well, that's the end of my Currently.  Enjoy your February!

Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy Day 2 of 2015!  I know I already posted yesterday, but will all the resolution-making and goal setting going on, I felt it was time to share something I wrote awhile that might provide perspective.

Each human life is a different colored thread.  Thin.  Fragile.  Insignificant.

Useful.  Purposeful.  Unique.

Life begins waiting.  Then, attempts to move, to make.  The spool rolls as the thread creates endless loops on the floor.

A pause to admire reveals a mess.  The thread is wasted.

Until, the Sewer comes.

He sees the coils, yet chooses the color. 

He picks up the runway spool and winds the thread.  Sometimes gently.  Sometimes painfully as knots untangle and purpose is restored.

Soon, it's time to begin.  The Sewer threads His needle and starts to stitch.

The pattern is simple simple at first, but grows more intricate as the thread yields to its master.

At times the thread protests and the spool plunges to the floor. Though the thread unwinds, the Sewer never lets go.  The end is always in His hand as waits for spinning to stop.  The spool hits an obstacle.  Momentum dies.

Once again, the Sewer, gathers the thread.

Needle in hand, He guides the thread in and out many patterns. Numerous threads intertwine for a time, only to be separated to color new corners. 

Not one strand stands out.  Not one sees the whole design.  Each knows only the colors it glides by and the steady strength of the Sewer’s hand.  He knows.  He sees.  The picture forms before His eyes and by His hands.

When at last, He finishes, the tapestry shows no single strands, but a scene with each stitch planned.  A display of color with each thread in place.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's Currently 2015!

Happy New Year!!!

Hurray for 2015!!

It's a new year!  Time for resolutions that lead to millions of weight loss commercials and grocery carts full of kale.  At least for the next two weeks that is.  :-)

I am popping in to share my Currently for the first of the year.


The one downside of Christmas "break" is that all the TV shows take a break.  Since all my shows are on a siesta, it's time for a new Netflix obsession.  Gilmore Girls is a show that I have caught off and on on TV for years, but never watched all the way through.  Figured I would start with the pilot and see where it goes.

Though it's technically just another day, New Year's Day always feels so fresh and new!  Looking back at 2014 reveals a lot of changes, so I can only wonder what is in store for 2015!

Thinking and Wanting

I'm ready to get started with the New Year and all that it brings.  As I have mentioned before, I am no longer teaching, but am preparing to serve full time with World Orphans as the Director of Rescue Teams.  Since September, I have been support raising, which entails lots of mail, calls, e-mails, meetings etc.  Reaching out to all the people I have known and everyone who knows them has been quite an endeavor, but such a blessing too.  It's amazing to see friends, family, church members, acquaintances etc. coming together to show Christ's love to orphans.


The holidays were a joy of festive eating, but now it's time to get into January gear and back to healthy habits.


The end of support raising is in sight.  God is knitting together a team of prayer warriors and monthly donors that have brought me to 71% of my monthly goal.  I'm ready, ready, ready, ready to get started working once I hit 80%.  So close.  If you would like to read more and possibly partner on behalf of the fatherless, you can read more at Becky@World Orphans and my Support Page.  All prayers and gifts are a blessing.


I am contemplating whether or not to take some sort of class.  Life is too short and there is not enough time to invest in all the hobbies I would like to pursue.  Still, it might be fun to develop a few.  Hard to choose though.  Photography?  Cooking?  Baking?  Dance?

I Wish

Maybe 2015 will be the year that someone special comes into my life?  Don't get me wrong, I love my life and I am content to wait on the Lord, it would be nice to meet a good guy.

We shall see what comes in 2015!  Wishing you all the best!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas and Goodbye India

Happy almost New Year!

I write to you tonight having made an 8 hour trek across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  Leaving family after the holidays is never easy.  However, this year it was made easier by the fact that I had such a joyous time with them.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, but this year I went into it feeling less like a care free child and more like an aware adult.  The troubles of friends and loved ones weighed heavily and was matched by the dismal lack of snow.

It took a Christmasy day in New York City, two Christmas parties, and a baby shower to build the holiday spirit.

Diving into cookie baking, a huge Christmas meal with family, a traditional Christmas Eve, and a relaxing and festive Christmas day removed the last of the stressors and left me feeling grateful for God's blessings and ready to launch 2015.

More on that later.

Before the year ends, it seems necessary and appropriate that I post the final installment of my Mission2India journal.

This entry continues the same day as the one in my last post.  It is a travel day and a time of reflection.

8-23-14 and 8-24-14
Goodbye India
          Realizing that it was getting late, I scurried up to pack and shower.  Sleep would not be an option tonight.
          As it was, K and I were some of the last to arrive at the van at 1:05 a.m.  Meeting time was 1:00 a.m.  It seems we were the only two on Indian time.
          In my hurry to get ready, I had not had time to write my “story” about the trip to take back with me.  I tried to write it on the bus, but nothing flowed.  The stress of leading and the sadness of leaving weighed too heavily.
          I gave up and opted to take in all the final scenes streaking by my window.  My level of exhaustion was confirmed when I thought I saw three white tigers running across a rooftop.  In reality, they were just lights.  Apparently, I have a rare condition that makes me see animals everywhere when I am tired.  
            Don’t ask.
         We arrived at the airport and unloaded the luggage.  Numbness settled over me as I walked up to the line, counted the group, and made sure we had all the bags.  Mechanical movements to delay emotion.
            All too soon, it was time to say “goodbye” to M, P, S, and V. The tears began flowing and I moved to the last place in line.  The team filed past giving hugs and farewells.  Then, it was my turn.
            I hugged and cried and laughed when M took out her phone and took a video of me.  She wanted to show the girls how much I cried.  J
            Suddenly, the team called me to attention.  I had to show the officer the itinerary.  I finished blubbering and rushed to the front.  It took me a minute to retrieve the packet from my bag, but I had it.
            Inside the airport, we got down to business: check bags, goodbye to A and An, long/stressful security line.
            My “teacher field trip” mode kicked in as I nervously counted team members, checked my watch, and worried about the long line.  We got through after both Ki and Aa got their rocks taken away.  Then we headed for the gate, arriving with little time to spare.
            We boarded the plane and settled in.  I was so weary physically and emotionally.  On the flight, I finished Million Dollar Arm and watched Wreck it Ralph and Captain America.  Food came and went.  My feet became ever increasingly swollen and painful.  Sleep came and went.  Tears flowed as I wrestled with why I had even gone to India in the first place.
            Our layover in Doha passed in a haze of exhaustion.  The only productive thing I did was write a few encouragement cards for those I had missed doing.  The desperate desire for home kicked in full force.
            When we finally landed at JFK, I just wanted to curl up and be home with my parents.  Heading back to my own rented room did not sound like enough to soothe my weariness.  Leading had lost its shine.  Being a little girl with someone to care for her held a much greater appeal.
            I hobbled off the plane on my ginormous cankles.  Though I am used to swelling up on long flights, pain had not occurred before.  It must have been that my toe was already injured and swollen, so the standard swelling grew to more than my foot could handle.  Fortunately, by the time I limped through passport control the intensity had worn off.
            Just after customs, Aa was cruelly separated from us by a mean officer.  He had to rush off to his connecting flight before any of us could say a proper goodbye.
            Out in the lobby, many had family members to greet them, but I was just the extra.  Of course, T’s mom was welcoming, so that helped.  K’s mom’s cookie bars did too.  Mmmmmm.  Chocolate.
            The commotion died down as all left except for R, S, C, I, and me.  We slumped in uncomfortable chairs and waited almost two hours for S’s mom to arrive.
            Sleep came and took me through the final minutes of waiting.  When the van arrived, we hurried out, loaded up, squished in, and set off.  On the ride, we all shared bits about the trip, but no one was ready to say much.  Too much to process.
           When we got to Calvary, I hugged S, and headed for my car.  Opening the trunk revealed pumpkin plants!  The seeds we planted symbolically during prayer stations grew!  They were weak from the darkness, but gre apart from the U.S.  Symbolic?  For sure.  I pray that the seeds we planted in India and that India planted in us grow and bear fruit.
            When I arrived home, I lugged my bag upstairs and called mom and dad immediately.  I shared about the trip some and showed them my toe via Facetime.  Dad thought it was broken.
              The family I live with returned and I chatted with them for a bit.  It was hard though because all I felt like saying was negative.  I was so drained and needed to spend some serious time with the Lord to let go and move on.
Eventually, I got what I needed and dropped into bed.  Slept like the dead.

In the days after the trip, I found out my toe was NOT broken and began to process all that happened in India.  It took some prayer, some Bible reading, a meeting with my mentor, plenty of Netflix, and LOTS of sleep.  Never in my life have I spent that much time in bed doing nothing.  It was glorious and necessary.

My stupor wore off after about a week and I finally began to see all the amazing things God did through the trip.  Though I was not a perfect leader and there were many challenges, God had used me.  He used me as an instrument to bring 13 other people to India for the first time.  They experienced the work of World Orphans.  They built relationships with precious children and loving caretakers.  They will never be the same.  

Neither will I.  

Leading the trip stretched me in ways I have never been stretched, but I would not change a thing.  It was incredible to reconnect with those I love in India.  Most importantly, the whole experience of planning, leading, and processing the trip showed me over and over that IT'S NOT ABOUT ME.

None of the trip was about me.  Nothing I do is about me.  It's about God.

He deserves the glory.  He is doing the work.  He has the plan.  He chooses to use me because He loves me.

That's what it's about.  To Him be the glory.