Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently- BIG NEWS!!

It's June!!!

Don't know how that happened, but it might have something to do with how busy May was.  June is looking about the same, so I bet I'll blink and then be doing the July Currently.  :-)

This month's currently holds some big news that I am very excited to announce.  Hope you enjoy!


Oh, the sound of a sledge hammer hitting an ugly restaurant wall.  It's so comforting.  Gotta love some Robert Irvine action.  He is hardcore, but only because he cares passionately.


What an amazing God we serve!  My life has been turned upside down in more ways than I can explain over this last year.  A lot of what has happened has been painful and hard.  I have been consumed by fear, exhaustion, and utter helplessness.  Yet, through it all, God has been drawing me closer to Him and answering prayers.  He is teaching me to trust Him more and showing me that He is enough no matter what happens.  He is showing me that my life is not about me.  I was created to give Him the glory.  He doesn't need me, but chooses to use me.

That being said, I have a big announcement to make.  It is incredibly exciting, yet bittersweet too.

Next year, I will no longer be teaching first grade.  

In fact, I will no longer be a classroom teacher at all.

That is because I will be working full time for...


There is not time now to tell the whole story of how God led me to this new position, but all I can say is that after going to India last year, God made it clear that He was calling me to do something more for orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

As I sought His will and direction, He provided confirmation every step of the way.  Then, He opened the door for me to become the Director of Rescue Teams for World Orphans, the very organization I went to India with last year and am going back with this year.

I can tell you for sure that when I went on that trip last year, I never expected that one year later, I would be joining the World Orphans staff.

There is still the long journey of raising support for my salary ahead of me.  It will also be hard to leave teaching because I love it, my school, my colleagues, and my kiddos, but God has clearly called me to this job at this time, so I know He will provide and I can't wait to see how He works next!


The challenge with accepting this new position has been trying to figure out what to focus on and do with my time.  This past week and the coming one have been filled with schoolwork, preparation for India, and training calls for my new job.  It's been hard to balance these three big things.


Though it will be hard to leave school, I am chomping at the bit to get started on my new job.  I think it's safe to say that come next fall, I will have entered a totally different chapter of my life.

I still plan to blog and actually don't plan on changing my blog name, since I will still be a teacher of sorts.  I will be teaching others about the plight of orphans and empowering them to make a difference through raising awareness and funds.

The only thing is, I will need a new tagline for under my blog title.  Let me know if you have any ideas!


The better question is what do I not need to do?  I am trying to learn to say "no" to what I cannot handle because I already feel overwhelmed by end of the year needs, India plans, job training calls etc.  

Summer Bucket List

In addition to what I've already said a lot of what I need to do now and will continue to do into the summer to prepare, I also plan to move out of my apartment, to get some tutoring jobs, and to...


So, that's my big announcement.  I appreciate your prayers and continued support as I enter this new phase of life. 

Happy June!