Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Colorado and 2 Weeks Notice

Hello!  Long time no blog.  Life has been crazy, but awesome.

Things with my new job at World Orphans are off to a great start.  More on that later.  I've also been busy with teaching children's church, babysitting, leading my small group, working part time , trying to figure out my next housing situation (to move or not to move, that is the question), taking a few salsa lessons, and trying to still get to the gym every day.  




Though I am a high energy achiever and like to have lots going on, I am realizing it is time to make some changes and seek out balance.  Hard to believe that only two months ago I felt aimless and like I had too much free time.  Once one gear starts moving they all do.

That being said, I gave 2 weeks notice to my part time job today.  I have never done that before.  The only other times I have left a job the situation was out of my control or I moved out of state.  It was oddly empowering to decide to leave and then follow through with it.  Of course, I first had to verbally process the situation with my mom, ask advice from friends, and consult WikiHow's page to draft a letter of notice.  Quite helpful.

Now that it is done, I just have two weekends of work left and then I can focus primarily on my awesome job with World Orphans.  So many exciting things are happening!

The "Castle Rock"
Earlier this month, work kicked into high gear after a visit to gorgeous Castle Rock, Colorado.  Though the views outside were incredible, I spent most of my time indoors at the enormous World Orphans headquarters.  Note the sarcasm.  Though the office is small, it is all we need and it is quite comfortable.  It was great to be there and to spend three full days working in person with my supervisor, the Senior Director of Advocacy.  We started on Tuesday with huge to-do lists, but by Thursday everything was finished or set in motion.
World Orphans Headquarters

Our foci included freshening up the Rescue Teams website, revising and creating new online resources for teams, developing a marketing strategy, and preparing for two upcoming events where I will promote Rescue Teams.

Once the new World Orphans website is finished, all the changes to the Rescue Teams page will be made.
Aside from working at the office, I also had a wonderful time meeting the local staff.  On Wednesday night everyone came over with their families for dinner.  The kids had ping pong ball wars all over the basement while the adults chatted.  I felt very welcomed.  It is an honor to be part of the World Orphans family.

After such productive days, I did get to do a bit of sightseeing.  My boss took me down to Colorado Springs to Garden of the Gods.  Incredible.  The pictures can't do it justice.
Ahhhhh....Though I started this post feeling a bit frenzies, those views actually brought me down several levels.  How can you not feel a sense of peace looking at such beauty?

I'm so glad I chose to blog tonight.  :-)